myNZBGet - the NZBGet iPhone app

What is it?

myNZBGet is an iOS frontend for the popular nzbget binary news grabber running on many routers, NAS-systems and media-receivers. It supports direct connection via RPC as well as tunneling the connection via SSH.

Where to get?

myNZBGet is available from Apples App-Store.

Change log

The current version of myNZBGet is 2.3.0. Please visit the change log on what is new.


FIXME This documentation referes to an outdated version and needs to be updated!


The application settings are available from inside the application by tapping on the settings-button (top right) from the server-status view. From the settings main view general settings may be altered directly. Tapping on the “Server Profiles” entry goes to the server profiles management.

Server-status view Settings main view

Server Profiles

Within the Server profiles view you are able to manage an arbitrary number of server profiles. Each server profile may represent a different device or just different connection settings for the same device(s). E.g., depending whether you want to access one of your NZBGet servers from your local network or from outside you may want to specify one profile with direct connection and one with the connection tunneled via SSH.

Server profiles management Editing a server profile Editing a server profile

  • Name: a free name for the profile used for the UI
  • Host: the IP-Address (local network) or Web-Address
  • Password: the NZBGet server password (set in the nzbget.conf file)
  • Port: the NZBGet server port (typically 6789)
  • Enabled: whether tunneling via SSH is enabled
  • Port: the SSH port to use (typically 22)
  • Login: the login name to use
  • Password: the password to use
SSH (extended)
  • Start Command: the command to use to start the NZBGet server (optional)
  • Scan Folder: the folder on the server scanned for incomming NZB files (optional)
  • Dest Folder: the destination folder for downloadeds at the server (optional)
  • Add NZBs via SSH: use alternative method to add NZBs (requires “Scan Folder” option)
  • Monitor free space: whether to monitor free disc space (requires “Dest Folder” option)

General Settings

  • Auto Connect: whether to connect to the last server automatically at application start

Server Status

The server status view presents all important key facts of your NZBGet server. I think, it is more or less self explanatory. To choose the current server profile tap at the title.

Choose server profile Server status view

Tool Bar:

  • Connect/Disconnect: connects/disconnects to/from the current server
  • Control: Start/Stop server; Pause/Resume download or postprocess queue
  • Speed: set the maximum speed limit
  • Log: shows the server log

Server control Speed limit selection Server log

Remark: Pause/Resume of the post process queue requires NZBGet 0.7.0 at minimum.


At the downloads view you may manage all current downloads and postprocess jobs and view/delete recent history entries. Depending on your NZBGet server version there are several options. You can

  • Reorder the download/postprocess queue
  • Delete download/postprocess jobs
  • View/delete history entries (>0.7.0)
  • Rename downloads (>0.8.0)

Download view Delete history entries Rename downloads


From the search view you can directly search for NZBs online using Just enter the keywords you want to search for in the search bar. A list with results will be presented from where you can go to a detail page. If you found what you where searching for, you may easily add the download to your downlaod queue.

Search results Search details Modify the name Add download


Does myNZBGet work with my Popcorn Hour (PCH)?

Most likely, yes. I do not own a Popcorn Hour myself, but I had help from Jacob, who tested it with his. He made a small setup guide for me.

May I use myNZBGet to add downloads via the internet?

Definitivly yes, given your nzbget server supports ssh, as the connection via ssh is encrypted and therefore secure. You have to forward the ssh port from your internet router to your nzbget server. Further you should assign a dynamic internet name to your router (e.g. with DynDNS), which you later can use in myNZBGet as a host name. For QNAP there is a service called MyCloudNAS, which does the necessary steps for you automatically.

In theory it is also possible to forward the JSON-RPC port (standard 6789) from the internet. But I would not recommend that, as this protocol is not encrypted.

Why do downloads added via myNZBGet search function do not start?

Most likely you use an old NZBGet version. There is a bug in the RPC interface of NZBGet 0.6.0, which might cause this problem. Please check the server log, if you find entries like:

Error parsing nzb-file: expected '>'

If you are running NZBGet 0.6.0 you may either want to update to a newer version or you could use the alternative way of adding downloads via ssh.

Also refer to the NZBGet ChangeLog:

fixed: RPC-method "append" did not work properly on Posix systems (it worked only on Windows); 

Why do I get a "Connection timed out" or "Connection refused" error?

This kind of error means, that no NZBGet-server could be reached at the address and port you provided in the settings. Given the server is running (check with the NZBGet web interface), this usually could be due to two different reasons:

1. The settings are wrong. Please double check the host and port settings. Be aware, that you have to use the IP-address for the host when beeing in a LAN

2. The NZBGet-server does not allow RPC connections from the LAN. Please ensure you set your listening IP-address (at the server, not the app!) to, to allow connections from the LAN. This has to be done at the NZBGet web interface server configuration page.

Can the app handle direct links to NZB files instead of using Binsearch?

myNZBGet can open NZB-files from other applications (like the mail client or web browser). That means, you can open the link to the NZB file in Safari and then send the file to myNZBGet. You may add the download to your server then using the app.

This also allows you to use different NZB binary search engines via Safari.

Do I have to pay twice when installing myNZBGet on different devices?

No. When you use the same Apple account you may download already purchased features on any of your iOS-devices for free. Just proceed with the purchase process. Apple will recognize you already paid for a certain feature and will let you download it without additional paying.

The same is true when you had to reset your iOS-device to factory settings without a backup and lost all your application settings. After reinstalling myNZBGet it does not know anymore which features had already been paid for. By again clicking on “Buy” for already purchased features you may download them for free.

My NZBGet-Server crashes when uploading an NZB-file. Whats wrong with the app?!

This kind of behaviour normally is not a problem with the app but with the NZBGet server version you use. Most likely you use NZBGet-Server version 0.6.0, which is not recommended. This version containes a few bugs, which can result in a server crash under certain circumstances. Please consider updating your server to a newer version. - If you're already running NZBGet 0.7.0 onwards, please don't hesitate contacting me via the form below.

The myNZBGet app crashed. What can I do?

If you encounter app crashes, you can send me the crash logs. This would help me to check whether the crashes are related to some bugs in the app and if so to fix them. Please refer to on how to locate the crash logs and contact me via the form below.


If you encounter any question or problem regarding myNZBGet, don't hesitate to contact me using this form:

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